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One Stop Service of FUJIOKA

“Customers didn’t have the profit, we won’t get any profit. ”

FUJIOKA is working on having a profitable business for all users and cooperative companies.

Machining company

In cooperation with more than 200companies,
we have the support from them
to collect necessary parts of machines,
do the sample, even mass production.

Machine, Tool company

Over 37 main suppliers. Because FUJIOKA
implements the latest machines to our own factories,
we can propose the best machines and products
to solve user's problems by our experience and data.

Parts Production

In higashi Osaka, Shimane, Kyoto, there are total 21 sets of from small to horizontal 5-axis machining centers and various series for machining the products that meet the customers’ requests.

Business Produce

The first goal is leading the customers to get the profit. We solve the customers’ problem from work supplying to production improvement. Our target is expending the network between companies,and offering the better solutions.

Machine Production Department

By the staff’s opinion “We are producing machine parts, but don’t know machine well”, and would like to be the company who solve customer’s problem from their point of view. Hence, we established the machine production department.