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Message from president

Want to Change the Future of Small and Mid-size Manufacturers

In 2009, as a representative of companies who manufacturing and selling machine and tool. I, FUJIOKA, “Want to change the future of Japan's small and mid-size manufacturers in manufacturing industry.” We started business by machine tool company, machining company, parts machining manufacturer, and department of producing machines.

Why can’t we get the profit by technique?

I have seen many owners of small and mid-size manufacturers who have concerns about it since worked in tool manufacturer for 10 years. The main reason could be “least essential information”. ”It will be good if using high-production machines and tools.” It easier said than done. As we know, technique of machines is advancing and upgrading every day, so there is almost no one have the courage to purchase the machine which cost more than JPY 10 million. Therefore, choosing the appropriate machine is an important point for company.

” Benefits for all three sides, company, customer, sociality.”

Our principle of business is” Benefits for all three sides, company, customer, sociality.” In all of three sides, the priority is the customer. By understanding and fulfilling the customers’ need, how customers satisfied are will be influenced in company profit. Because we have the latest machines to calculate the accurate data, we help the customers have good achievement and result of selling machines and tools. Our group can compete with machine tool industry all over the world by techniques and technology of Japan’s small and mid-size manufacturers and our knowledge of machinery data. We are aim to be a company who offering value, not just price and contributing to the good future of manufacture industry. We are looking forward to having the business with you and supporting us. Thank you very much.

FUJIOKA, president
Nobukazu Okamura

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